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Claroline Connect: 1st stable version

Try / download the 1st stable version of Claroline Connect ! 

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2 months ago

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Claroline, your custom campus


Claroline Connect is an Open Source software to easily deploy a dedicated learning and online collaboration platform.

Available in many languages, Claroline Connect is free of rights and free of charge and can be downloaded and installed freely.


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1 year ago


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Blogging, tagging, liking, sharing on Facebook, tweeting – social networking is second nature for today’s students. Over the last 10 years the web has steadily evolved, as have its educational applications. Claroline Connect is the first real Learning Management System, dedicated to the learning process rather than the teaching process. Opensource, responsive design and full mobile (with offline option), Claroline Connect is a real step ahead and not one more “2.0 look-alike LMS”.

Claroline Connect LMS

At the beginning of the “noughties” the University of Lyon 1 developed Spiral, today known as Spiral Connect. Around the same time the Université catholique de Louvain created Claroline, which is globally distributed and supported by an international consortium comprised of several international partners.

Now obsolete, Spiral Connect and Claroline have decided to pool their efforts and expertise to create a new generation platform, making it possible to meet a variety of uses in a variety of contexts. Since 2008, many competing platforms have attempted to be converted to a 2.0 approach, but have often only succeeded in producing "2.0 look-alike" solutions. On the strength of this experience, Claroline Connect is poised to bring more transversality (among the different roles, resources, and tools) than platforms whose architecture has remained arborescent, linear and compartmentalized.

LMSs Are TMSs!

According to Marcel Lebrun, a professor at the Université catholique de Louvain, the LMSs (Learning Management Systems) are in fact TMSs: Teaching Management Systems. It is the activity of the teacher that is valued to a far greater extent than the activity of the learner. Some of the objectives of this new platform are: more versatility and flexibility, more user-friendliness, more intuitiveness, more stability, decompartmentalisation of courses and other activity areas, creation of fully-fledged training ecosystems composed of various resources, collaborative activities, involvement of students who themselves become the players and creators of resources alongside the teachers, connection with administrative applications of user organizations, deployment of a global network of interconnected platforms, the embracing of lifelong learning.

Claroline Connect: From Generic Ideas To Revamped LMS Features

  1. Moving beyond -but without ignoring- the concept of "course" towards "skills development".
    Current platforms are mainly built around "courses" created by teachers and users. Without shelving them entirely, we propose the concept of activity areas that would be more...





9 months ago


The former version of Claroline is not supported anymore: campus.claroline.net and support@claroline.net are closed.      

6 months ago